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Events 2015

12 July - Rifugio Föisc party

19 July – Alpe Piora party

26 September in Ambrì / Cheese exibition


Strada Alta


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2 - 5 hrs hiking tours




2 . 5  hrs. Föisc


Lago Ritom (1850m) - Föisc (2208m) - Bocchetta di Föisc (2122m) - Lago Ritom (1850m)


From the Föisc hut you will enjoy a great 360° view on Piora valley, Ritom Lake, Leventina valley, Bedretto valley and St. Gotthard pass.

2 . 5  hrs. Lake Ritom


Easy and relaxing hike around Lake Ritom along the shores and passing through the fresh pine threes forest.

3 . 5   hrs. 3 Lakes


Lago Ritom (1850m)- Lago Tom (2022m) - Lago Cadagno (1921m)


This route takes you to the three largest lakes of Val Piora. Beautiful white sandy beach at Tom Lake and Piora cheese factory at Cadagno Lake. The path is well marked.


4 . 5  hrs. Trekking Yukari ... or also ...The flowers hike


Lago Ritom (1850m) - Pinett (2070m) - Fontanella (2015m) - Lago Cadagno (1921m) - Lago Ritom (1850m)


Deep mountain silence and a great wild nature on this road! In July and August the landscape is like a flowers paradise. Please also read the article "Trekking Yukari" on the homepage. In June there might still be snow on the mountain top.

2 . 5  hrs. Airolo - Lago Ritom


Airolo (1150m) - Madrano (1200m) - Brugnasco (1380m) - Altanca (1390m) - Valle (1647m) - Lago Ritom (1850m)


On the famous "Strada Alta" (High road) you can enyoy a great panorama on Leventina valley. From Altanca village the route climbs to Lake Ritom on an ancient path connecting the Leventina to Blenio valley.

6  hrs. Lago Ritom - St. Gotthard pass


Lago Ritom (1850m) - Bocchetta di Föisc (2122m) - Buco di Ce (1680m) - Bolla (1700m) - Buco di Pontino (1986m) - Cassina della Bolla (2200m) - Passo San Gottardo (2100m)


Challanging hike to reach the top of Gotthard pass, passing through pine threes woods and green pasture lands. In June there could still be snow on the mountain top. Bus connection to Airolo and Andermatt at the Gotthard Ospiz.